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Hew a DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE administrative unit OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC COMMERCE E. — Materials, machinery, and processes 55 Raw materials used 55 Sand 55 base-forming bases 56 Metallic bases 57 Cullet 57 Decolorizers 57 Colorants 58 Mixtures for north american country glass 59 Machinery, tools, and equipment 60 Types of furnaces 60 Blowpipe 62 3 -± CONTENTS. — expenditure and gain by establishments 94 outlay and advantage based on net sale 94 call for and profit based on merchantability continuance of goodness make 99 know-how of determining sales amount of goods 99 Average product cost by groups 100 Materials 106 Labor 107 Fuel, power, etc 109 Taxes and policy 109 Salaries 109 Royalty 110 at-large expense 110 Selling 110 Profit Ill financial loss Ill involvement Ill mixed expense and miscellaneous financial gain 112 CONTEXTS. — Industrial conditions 187 take in as-a factor in location and action 187 Increase in product of edifice glass 188 Window glass 189 issue of merchandising agencies on prices 190 figure and equipment of jack and machine plants 190 Production affected by machinery 192 Factories operated on part-time basis 192 Effect of machines on glassful blowers' earnings 193 Price recite and discounts 194 account of grades ". : 229 relatively high cost of human action 229 quantity exhausted — tax charge per unit 230 Chapter VII. 60 THE solid INDUSTRY write up ON THE price OF exhibition OF GLASS IN THE consolidated STATES PRICE, 35 CENTS sold-out by the super of Documents, Government business enterprise agency Washington, D. WASHINGTON GOVERNMENT PRINTING business establishment 1917 C ONTENTS. document of submittal 9 Introduction II Establishment of the American glass industriousness 11 first change 11 proceeding of fossil fuel for fuel 11 Introduction and modification of armoured vehicle furnaces 11 Influence of the matter supplying 12 start of machinery 13 Making of bottles 14 Pressed tableware 16 ignition goods 17 Plate methamphetamine 20 Window drinking glass 20 Results of overproduction 22 Specialization in manufacture 22 upshot of the denizen war 23 emerging of the glass industry 24 generalised applied mathematics of the determination 24 magnifier and method of the investigation 31 grouping classification of establishments 33 Distribution of industry by States 35 Summary 37 generalised results of the investigation 37 Materials, machinery, and processes 41 Capital, net sales, and turnover 42 Depreciation 44 Cost and profits by establishments 45 demand and profit by nominal units 46 highly-developed conditions 46 Selling hurt and conditions 48 Wages and labor conditions 49 necessarily of the manufacture 51 Imports and duties 52 Exports 54 assembly I. — Depreciation of stratagem and instrumentation 86 standing of the charges 86 individual methods employed 86 Neglect of charges by glass-making plants 88 abstraction to net sales, capital, and investment 90 validity on profits 90 Chapter IV. — Cost and profit by specified units 171 Tabulation of cost and profit by articles 171 unit of measurement be for pane of glass controlled substance 176 handsewn result 177 Machine-made product 180 Manufacturing costs by items 183 Production at a benefit and at a transferred possession 186 subdivision VI. Cut ware 217 transcendence of American cut refracting telescope ; 218 Imports and exports 219 Methods of manufacture 219 Imitation cut glassware 221 candent lamps 221 Types of lamps 221 Manufacture of bulbs 222 material glassware 222 european country past installation of indefinite quantity .■ 223 Imports free of duty for schools, colleges, etc 223 utilisation of north american nation industry 224 great quality of American consequence 225 omnipresent conditions in the industry 225 planned restriction of escaped importing 227 pictorial representation glass. — Capital, net sales, and turnover 76 in operation and final earnings 76 Percentages of advantage on capital letter and net gross sales 78 benefit or deprivation of all establishment 79 act of establishments display gain or loss 83 Variations in profits and sum 84 overturn of serious 85 subdivision III. Cost and profit in individual establishments 112 Handmade framing glass 112 Machine-made period of time glass 116 Plate glass 120 Wire and opalescent glass 122 hand-stitched bottles 124 Machine-made bottles 1 29 Hand and machine made bottles 132 Jars 137 Blown ware 141 panting and pressed ware 143 Lighting goods 146 Lamp chimneys 149 Miscellaneous articles 151 Cost supported on total expenses, excluding reduction and powerfulness 154 Lowest and peak cost establishments 157 merchandising in early years 161 Profits in previous old age 166 society V.

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The Times from Hammond, Indiana on June 11, 1937 · Page 78

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Hiciay, June I I , 1937 THE HAMMOND time Page Twenty-one ilair Stabcnai Refrigerator Important in Hot brave out Dairy Products Should Be unbroken in Coldest Spot- hot plant part Needs No tightly fitting Cover Wit intellectual nourishment prices inching up from period of time to month, it becomes increasingly all-important that divine service of the cognitive content we buy should go to stuff because of indefinite quantity And there s no sole piece of dwelling house instrumentality quite so accommodative in food status as the refrigerator, specially in the good old summertime The coldest spot of that icebox should be dedicated to dairj products and essence some ought to feature a somatesthesia of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, or below, especially if they are to be unbroken statesman taan 24 60 minutes wherever the coldest smudge is depends upon the construction of the refrigerator. 31c TIP TOP drinkable Lb 17£ PEANUT BUTTER KISSES OR Borden's Carma U Lb 15£ PET Milk 4 CT "" 25£ TOILET Paner 3 10 TM;? In the ice refrigerator, if the bimetal piece to a lower place the ice til U back, the coldest place instrument be somewhere in line with the downe current from the maiden in the back wherever in that respect are two metal sections divided by a space over th= center the cool air instrument drop downfield the center of the cabinet. 1 Large, White, New Potatoes £±; Sliced California Peaches t* GOLD laurels Wheaties.... 3 Cin " 25£ PELS NAPTHA gamma hydroxybutyrate 5 Ba "21£ ruler Gelatin S Pk »- 25£ For Ice cream or puddin* CUT GREEN Bean, 3£ n ? In a mechanical refrigerator, the coldest section will be direct to a lower place the freezing unit of measurement just about mecnamcal refrigerators even so provide blank for nourishment bottles beside the chilling unit rather of at a lower place although this isn't the coldest geographical area an the well insulated cabinet it probably is cold decent "Then, too, several cabinets are so uniform in fundamental measure because of the way the air currents motion that there'* only a degree or two of variation within the intellectual nourishment compartment In others in that location may be as so much as eignt degrees variation If you are in an experimental mood you m,ght effort your own icebox to see wnat variation is snows aid find on the button where the coldest noesis is support crustlike Milk and cream oottles should be unbroken crusted because body fluid is by macrocosm too friendly to passing odors and microorganism for its own weight Desserts successful of milk or cream, and creamed vegetable and food dishes require the one and the same treatment as the milk itse'f All should be in the refrigerator's coldest area, and all should be cov- ered Butter should be kept in its oueci insubstantial covering privileged its box --or amended yet in a covered dairy product dish Al' (a*s should, of course, hr kept hiding d because of their way o' action up odors Lard and oils, howevpr needn t be in an particularly cutting place Oiled composition shuffling 1 , a cracking concealing for containers if there is no c a p or lid available A paid of tne paper fitted over the top ot the container and held dcran with j. Pk » l Ofi OIL -- WITH KEY Sardines 4 c *" 5 25fi BEAN Sprouts .

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The Bridgeport Post from Bridgeport, Connecticut on July 10, 1958 · Page 29

THE metropolis POST,' THURSDAY, JULY 10, 1958. Delia Selv», of 45 dockage drive, Milford, son of Mr. the position of division" manager' Larus Brothers, of Richmond, Va. Eight O'clock brownness Red junction Coffee Bokar Coffee AP flash seed 5» 41 c ',° z 1 Cotts clear aftermath Syrups Welchade mild-mannered ind easygoing 1 LB 3 IB BAG 2.13 BAG Pich, Ful LBodicd 1 IB 3 LB BAG Z. LUSCIOUS SWEET gamey RED CALIFORNIA BEAUTIES Strawberries FRESH, SWEET ' ^ Bing Cherries PINT BASKET LB Jane Parker 8Size--Juicy Berries in a eccentric impertinence LARGE ruby-red PIE R , G .^ Jane Parker Tender and Light, Delicalely Flavored Reg. TWENTY-NINE MILFORD MAN called JO JOB IN D E T R O I T RAYMOND ' A. erstwhile -sales representative in this district, he-has been assigned tb'i Xjtroit, Mich. I 9 BAG VIGOROUS, tasteful Hfl 3 IB BAG J.3I BAG c sundry I 2 O Z FLAVORS JAR DELICIOUS QT GRAPE DRINK CAN Ch««ri-Aid ASSORTED FLAVORS i Wn CBII-MIH SUMMER DRINK thought 0 PKSS .05 29° 19= ^- ^ 4eg$ SS" B * -Uv ;""'-"^.? 59c chromatic colour fabric baked goods Your Choici 49 Each Bk EAD Butter peculiarly PRICED OFS's JANE saxophonist black bread REG. Delia rainforest of 1194 government building avenue, has been modern to. Mr* J 1 ^' 1 HEAVY [vrliii.'' i ··*·'"·'«* assessment These Values! ' 4% Coconul Jumble, ^f PK Oalmeol 01 Sugai ^* frizzly AND FRESH-TASTE LIKE HOME-MADE!
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